Local Business Consultant, Content Writer &
Labor Organizer

I am a seasoned entrepreneur, freelance consultant, content writer and musician (TangerayMusic). I manage and produce top notch websites on a variety of subjects.

Specializing in local business consulting as a labor organizer and content writer, I have worked on my own projects along side clients businesses. I find the big picture fascinating.

My life experiences and extensive resume allow me to overstand situations and strategically plan business operations, website production and content for efficient growth. I spend my spare time studying youth culture, law, history, charts, graphs and such which has given me a keen ability to predict trends. I also like to ride bikes :)


It’s finally done! InstallECO - a local labor network of solar, wind and eco installers. After years of refining SatHookup, we are ready to launch! Want to help/profit? Contact me

Been meeting important and influential people. People who will hopefully mentor, work with and hire me for consultation of their businesses, websites and labor organizations.

Look forward to hearing from all visitors of this site. Your actions will make it grow – Robert


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Above: TANGUAY attempts to stay dry and look good for his clients.

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