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Elections 2012 – Obama in New Hampshire and Massachusetts

As Obama fund raises in New Hampshire and Massachusetts this week, this 20 min video is more important to OUR survival than any wink or smile charismatic leaders can offer:

I did have a great weekend. I would like to continue having good weekends. Stocks plunged today; people need to realize that things aren’t as good as they seem. Obama and Romney continue business as usual with money in politics – our money.

There is No Place to Live Free or Die

I have tried everything possible to be a good citizen.

Just got out of the police station after being arrested while riding my bike 50 ft on the sidewalk (at time of arrest I was off sidewalk) while waiting for my sandwich to be made at a local small business. Police claimed I had an open warrant from 2004 for unlawful possession of alcohol (Statute of Limitations for Misdemeanors is 1 yr, Felonies 6) but would not at the time tell me anything about the warrant, including what it was for or when.

Instead,  the police proceeded to handcuff me in front of my fellow customers and business owners (I have an office a block away on the same street), remove my possessions and transport me to the police station. I lost my sandwich, however, I was lucky enough to have them lock up my bike for me instead of leaving it on the side of the street for criminals to take…

At the station I was polite as could be because if I wasn’t, they would have, though not legally, kept me in jail until Monday to see a judge to have this case thrown heard. I was questioned, fingerprinted and photographed after being let out of a cage during a process which took over 2 hours. Finally the bondsman showed up to let me go after I paid him $40 non-refundable for his service. I got back all my possessions and began to walk back to my bike, empty stomach, to write this story to you.


I want to be clear that the officers were doing their job, and so was the bondsman and everyone involved conducted themselves professionally, but THIS HAS TO STOP.

Over a minor Violation – the police arrested and made me pay bail, in effect, breaking the law themselves in the process. Not just a minor violation, but fundamental constitutional rights to due process.

No place in America is free or without some sort of oppression waiting for you to slip up. This weekend, please make sure that your shoe laces are tied in accordance with the law. They arrested me for Failure to Appear for charges (which were also BS) that were over 8 years ago – Statute of Limitations for Misdemeanors is 1 yr , they invaded my privacy next to monuments proclaiming “Live Free or Die”

I’m asking for your support by spreading this story and commenting. I will respond. If you don’t – it could happen to you.




Why Facebook IPO Will Fail | Facebook IPO Scam

What’s hyped up, made of nothing and depreciates faster than a new car?Facebook IPO Scam

Shares of Facebook’s first public offering. Ha

With initial asking price of $38 on Friday the 18th of May , Facebook’s IPO share price has dropped almost 15% at the time of this writing (mid-day Tuesday May 22nd). Why?

I’ll try to keep it simple. Several factors come into play when dealing with any stock price, especially an IPO. One is the value of the company – and Facebook is huge , claiming over 1 Bil users worldwide. But that’s not important, what really matters is revenue and GROWTH.  Facebook gets most of it’s from ads, and about 15% from Zynga and other games – all on the decline. User interaction, acquisition and satisfaction are also flat or in decline. There is no growth to be had.

Facebook claims it will put more ads up,which I laugh at. My news feed is an ad, from “I’m successful”, “I need help” “I’m single”, “Read my Article” (me), “Click this Link” to “Buy me Birthday/Baby presents”. Facebook is no longer cool. How are you going to stack ads on top of ads?

So let’s get back to why Facebook’s IPO will fail, not for Facebook, but for all of you “learned” investors. See, nobody talks about the fact that Mark Zuckerburg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes, the mural guy, and countless others are sitting on over a billion shares of stock, for which they can’t sell because of a stock lock up that will last between 90-180 days. They will then take their debted paper shares (Yahoo lawsuits, overhead, employees) and unload them into the market. This will be known as the Facebook IPO Scam.

Too bad Myspace didn’t think of this.


Update – 12/20/2013

Mark Zuckerberg sells 41 million of his shares – source: Yahoo News (They have removed this article)


Money in Politics | Media and Politics – Is it Bad?


Money in Politics

Money in Politics – we can’t seem to get away from it. It wins elections by funding attack campaigns, gains exposure with media coverage and advertisements, and people making money together always seem to endorse each other.

What you may not realized is that the game is rigged. Let me explain how.

All media companies can be easily summed up by it’s expenses:

Content: Video, Music, Talent, Production, Websites, Writing, Scripts, Royalties, ect

Distribution: Broadcast, DVDs, Shipping, Commissions, Web servers – anything that gets content to viewers

And it’s Income:

Advertisements: Commercials, Product Placement, Sponsorships, ect

Usage Rights: OnDemand,Ticket sales, Book-CD sales, downloads, ect


Now political content is fairly inexpensive to produce- so abundant that politicians hand it out in press releases, hopping to land a favorable sound bite in national news, or any coverage at all. Free content for the media.But if TV stations and newspapers gave away their limited press freely, they would never have received the more than 1/2 Billion in ad dollars spent in the 2008 Presidential Electionby Republican and Democratic leads alone – and that’s only the amount legally reported. It’s not including local elections, congress, state, judge and other appointments nor including the ones that didn’t make it. Big money…So what does the press do? They give out free coverage to the candidates that spend the most on ads, they feature candidates popular with big oil, banking and other special interests in Political Advertorials, failing to mention candidates with opposing views (Ron Paul), calling it news. Ever see those ads that don’t appear to be selling you something, but make you feel good. Those are giant corporations influencing your opinion and their press releases are the news you receive – product placement.

Isn’t it ironic that in the pursuit of democracy, we vote for candidates that will most benefit our interests, however historically and as of the recent New Hampshire primary, we elect the ones that spend the most money. Money donated to them by those that benefit from the current system, the ones with disposable income looking for tax breaks.

The whole idea of elections are to ensure that no particular person, group or entity gets too much power. You know, shake it up a little bit. It is impossible to ever have a fair election when you add money to the equation. The outcome will  end up the same way, people in power stay in power. American elections exist only to validate those in power and their right to “rule”. This is a democracy, you know.

But wait, what if the current elite saw the loss of productivity caused by voter disenfranchisement and realized that the old tricks won’t work anymore. People get their information freely from the internet, validated by millions of comments from other internet users and social networkers. They might consider providing an open platform to discuss the real issues, and elect leaders that take us back to our nation’s roots  of independent, small businesses and self sufficient families – what made America great in the first place.

Enter SOPA and countless other “Internet Policing” laws getting forced down our throats like medicine to a test patient. Don’t worry – it’s good for us, plus, we get paid in the form of benefits (unemployment, welfare, police). All we have to do is let our Corporation run government control the distribution of ALL our news and media – but that is another article in itself.

What To Do In 2012 | Legal Equality

2012 is Here, What Are We Going to Do?

I don’t know about you, but personally, I am sick of this “recession” stuff. I think we all are.

There’s just one problem – the entire country world is divided. And not 50/50, but more like 1/99 (Remember the Occupy Movement?).

Now I’m trying to be optimistic about 2012, but here’s the reality:
Nothing is going to change if we don’t acknowledge our problems and hold accountable those that caused them.

Sounds simple right? Wrong. See the thing with those pesky problem causers is that they’re the ones that control the punishments. Perhaps there will be a time when money in politics will be looked at as the Jim Crow Laws where when they were abolished less than 50 years ago.

The real root of our problems, and I mean all problems ( from health care, gay marriage, poverty, tax, war, national debt) are mater of law and access to it, and man made law is nothing more than matter of opinion. Opinion limits human achievement.

Robert Tanguay Working 2007

Above: TANGUAY on the roof of Marshal Electronics in Los Angeles, CA ; In 2007, while I was beginning to experience unjust prosecution.

CBS Cuts Ron Paul From Presidential Debate

Can Our News Be Bought? CBS Possibly…

GOP Presidential Debate Spartanburg, NC



The internet is abuzz with talk of CBS cutting Ron Paul’s time from the Presidential Debate held today in Spartanburg, SC.

Initial reports are clocking Ron Paul’s total on air time to 90 seconds. Coverage of Paul on CBS’s official site is zero, except for a screen shot used for a video thumbnail in which Paul is only featured silent between two candidates.

The 2012 Election Debates appear to be little more than advertisements for major corporations, lobbyists and such. It is becoming more apparent each day. You may find better journalism here on my personal site.



OlivePolitics CBS Poll
Ron Paul Leads Early CBS Poll Powered by OlivePolitics

Virtually all internet polls show Paul leading all other GOP candidates, which leaves one question, why is Ron Paul not getting more media coverage?

At the time of this article’s publication, the poll as in the screen shot on the right is currently unavailable on CBS and both OlivePolitic‘s website and Facebook page. It has been advertised as a “live” poll, presumably to instill authenticity. Is it being doctored or in any way modified to reflect results favorable to the sponsors of the debate?

What is more alarming is the fact of CBS’s demographic. Being a over the air broadcast station and free for anyone to view, many of it’s viewers have no other source for news; low income families and the elderly without internet access.

This is just another documented instance of news media favoring and sometimes completely excluding specific candidates with views out of alignment of a particular news platform. See bellow for a recent documentation of Yahoo! News failing to mention Ron Paul in a review of GOP candidates around the time of the Iowa Straw Poll early August, 2011.

Yahoo Fails to Mention Ron Paul

Yahoo! News “advertorial” fails to mention popular Republican candidate Ron Paul in a  political overview clearly sponsored by Shell, one of the worlds largest oil companies.



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