Why You Will Never Get Past the Gatekeeper

  With modern technology, communication has never been easier. Mail, telephone, cellphones, text messages, email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Open Q & A sessions and Town Hall Meetings – the access to the knowledge we seek is right at our finger tips. And when that fails, we can just write it to a blog, get found…

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How Large Corporations Hurt Small Business

How Large Corporations Hurt Small Business Large corporations employ millions in the US, with their assets and earnings representing a large portion of the nation’s economy. Some say that it has lead to American prosperity; however, if you look around in a room full of your peers, you may find it hard to find someone…

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Turning 30 on New Years, 2014

30 is a scary milestone in one’s life. Its the age that is, as a youth, never expected to come. New Years is a holiday bathed in celebration, personal reflection, and hope for the future. I guess I’m fully an adult now. I have a lot of accomplishments. I’ve moved to California in an ’88…

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