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Robert Tanguay Lobbyist
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Lobbying Experience of Robert Tanguay

My name is Robert Tanguay and I’m a small business owner and labor organizer by trade. I really care about people of all walks of life, family, and helping our economy grow and our environment thrive in an equitable manner.

Lobbyist New Hampshire

I’ve worked in manufacturing, both on the floor making it happen, to sales. Small business to large groups like Facebook (Meta) to Google. I’ve sued Amazon; now the NH Attorney General is.

I am a New Hampshire Lobbyist, but can speak anywhere.

As a lobbyist, I represent people, businesses and organizations. However, I will never represent an interest I can’t get behind. This does not mean I have to agree with every aspect of their position – but it has to be reasonable and articulate. This is for good cause, because, just like sales, how can I convince law makers and Government agencies to act in the best interests of the people without such without belief and passion.

Truth is persuasive.

I am able to take complex issues and explain various the standpoints of political ideologies and socioeconomic backgrounds. I can control a room with charisma and authority, create conversation and lead problems to resolution.

Learn more about my rates and how to hire here.

Types of Lobbying Services and Causes

Versed in an array of issues, schooled by diverse experiences in labor, sales and marketing – we can help craft your issues into a compelling message. Lobbying is marketing the government. Our approach is to combine logical written argument with face time and visual presence. This includes public speaking, content creation and media appearances.

While I can break down and lobby for any issue, the most forefront are as so:

Environmental Lobbyist New Hampshire

The environment sustains both people and our animal friends. Nature, when faced with human industry, unfortunately suffers from the “Tragedy of the Commons”.

Please see EmissionsTax and the secret book, “Incentives and the Environment

Economic Lobbyist New Hampshire

The economy affects us all – whether locally or on the world wide stage. All aspects of economic issues to benefit stakeholders, from workers to CEOs – our world wouldn’t exist without each other.

Please see ScrubMoney

Legal Lobbyist New Hampshire

While I am not a lawyer, I have a special appreciation for the law. Legal reform is one of my most pertinent causes. God or Nature (the same), US Constitution, Federal Laws, State Constitution, Laws, Opinions. That’s the way it goes.

Please see EZLegalSuit

Lobbying for Labor, Small Business

New England Marketing and Efficiency is a small business. Small businesses are the backbone of the New Hampshire Economy. Labor is the muscle. We lobby for both in common sense, efficient legislation and government policy.

Manufacturing Lobbyist New Hampshire

You can sell anything you want, but if you can deliver, your going to have a lot of returns. America’s factories, the men and women that work in them and move the goods across the the world make it happen. With experience in manufacturing, we know what it takes to get it done.

Lobby for Family Matters

This includes religious groups which are closely involved in family and community matters like Children’s Law, Foster Care, Education, Police and Crime. Read New Hampshire Oliver Twist

Government Lobbyist

Lobbying Process

As registered  lobbyists, we must disclose all money received and who it’s from, for good cause. The Government shall be accountable, and so shall the people and businesses for their free speech.

When you Hire New England Marketing and Efficiency to lobby on your behalf, we have to notify the state, for which we charge a $50 fee. we do this to be affordable to both individuals and small businesses.  From there, we charge an hourly rate for hour services, with special pricing for budgets over $2500.

For projects out of New Hampshire, please contact us direct for pricing, or order our low cost mini-consultation (from New England Marketing & Efficiency) and we’ll contact you.

Please place an order or call 603-219-4353 with any questions or concerns.

Lobbying Reports, Research and Writing

As a marketing consultant, these workflows tend to mirror that of a lobbyist. See all the services I offer along with my work in creating websites, visuals and other types of media.