Hire Small Business Consultant

Robert Tanguay - Writer

Looking for a Small Business Consultant?

I have an extensive background in sales/ marketing leadership roles and excel in problem solving.

People like you enjoy my creative content.

They like to have me around, interacting with their organization.

Here are some of the services my clients hire me for:

Consultation and Writing Services

Business Review : $200-500 (Depending on size of company)

Review and assess your industry and current business operations and consult on opportunities for increased efficiency and profits. You will get a complete written report and follow up meeting to discussOrder Business Review Here

Online/Traditional Marketing Plan – $200-400

In depth research of your industry and business’ operations and current marketing to devise a plan of action for future marketing campaigns.

Online/Traditional Marketing Plan LITE – $100

Written report of action steps you can take immediately and long term customized for your business. Great for small, local businesses or small online shops.

Website Content Writing/ SEO Overview – $100

Review current website content and create strategy for future content and website direction search engine optimized with great user experience.

Written Content/Article – $50 Per 400 Words

Will research and write one website page of content or 400 word article, complete with SEO designed to rank in search engines and provide high ROI. $50 for each sequential 500 words.

Heavy research and fitting into a content strategy at additional charge.

Website Production

Website Production is a term I coined describing the entire website building process.- from concept, development and construction.

Project Management – $40/hr

Will manage your website, content or labor organization project keeping costs down and fulfillment in a timely manner. Pricing breaks on larger projects – See Pricing and Order Here