I just got a domain renewal notification reminder, and to my shock, GoDaddy has raised their prices again, with an increase of 20% over the 2018 price of $14.99.

$17.99/yr per .com domain renewal. You have got to be kidding me. Plus ICANN fees…

I’ve been transferring my domains to other companies for years now, but this is the last straw. They seem to be the absolute most expensive domain registrar besides those spammy ones that try to trick people into spending $69.99/year.

Further, GoDaddy consistently tries to up-sell you add-on services, which you usually don’t need. While they do have good, US based support available by phone, a domain is the same product no mater where you register it.

Transfer/Register Your Website Domain Through Another Company

Not only will you pay less with another registrar, you’ll get a discount as a new customer and for your hassle of transferring in. Let me show you what I mean with some of GoDaddy’s competition.

Namecheap Domain Registration/Transfers

I’ve personally used Namecheap for years, transferring from GoDaddy to Namecheap and saving a ton of money.

Big Discounts for Domains, Hosting, SSL and more

The process is relatively easy and is even easier when you have multiple domains you are transferring in. Even easier if you are buying a new domain. Some one is there to help you via chat and will walk you through the process.

They run specials all the time(save more than 50% over GoDaddy), and have standard discounts for transfers in.

I highly recommend them as I currently use them with my own domains.

Prices for Generic Domains – Discounts Here – 19% of Until 2/28/21

Prices for Country Domains – Discounts Here – 19% of Until 2/28/19

iDots – Inexpensive US Based Domain Registrar

Though I haven’t personally tried them, their prices look great. Website graphics, not so.

Let me know how they work.

Stay Away From These Domain Registrars!

While it’s been some years since I’ve used these companies, I didn’t have a good experience. Here’s why –

Learn About Inflation and Tech

My Grandfather Talks About Inflation in this 1975 Recording

Need Help Registering/Transferring Domains?

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