What Robert Tanguay Worked on in 2019

I didn’t complete a tremendous amount of writing, but there were some gems I’m proud of. Mostly, 2019 was a year of getting acclimated to my expanded family and learning new skills for my career. Having a child makes you grow as a man. Having two is definitely a stretch on a person’s energy and…

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Efficiency in Business and Life

I think about efficiency all the time. Running a labor network with little to no capital, I have to. When designing large, complex systems such as a business or distribution process, even a small savings or removal of unnecessary step mean big gains when scaled. When InstallEco reduces travel time to install solar panels at…

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There is No Place to Live Free or Die

I have tried everything possible to be a good citizen. Just got out of the police station after being arrested while riding my bike 50 ft on the sidewalk (at time of arrest I was off sidewalk) while waiting for my sandwich to be made at a local small business. Police claimed I had an open…

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