Reading List

Reading List

I read a lot of books. From audio books to physical copies, and even the occasional eBook.  I get them from many sources: YouTube at home, Audible anywhere, and CDs from the Library (article on my love for libraries) when I’m in my 2003 Volvo driving (prevents me from speeding). I’m always learning about business, history, science and leadership. A couple of great novels in there sporadically.

If you are new to self improvement through reading, I will making a must read list shortly. For now, check out what I’m currently reading and have read recently.

Here’s a link for you to Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks , or a nice image bellow.

Another  good place to find new and used books for cheap is Ebay. The links to Amazon are bellow as well.

Current Reading


 Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies by Nick Bostrum – In depth book about AI and the Singularity. I am pessimistic about this issue and stopped reading about 3/4 through to attack the artificial intelligence community (article I wrote on EmissionsTax). It actually depressed me while being completely fascinating at the same time. I think I going to start this over on audio book soon.

Past Good Reads

The 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene – This book is great book I’m reading on hardcover. I’ve read Greene’s “50 Rules of Power” prior and couldn’t put it down. Though 33 Strategies is a bit more meaty, the knowledge it imparts is inspiring. The premise is going through each of the strategies of war using great military leaders and historical figures and how they used each strategy to conquer their enemies, and not just with violence. A must read for any person that must compete in arenas such as corporate and business strategy. Recommend for leaders as well. I’ve been working on this one for months, savoring a reading at breakfast or before bed.

The Truth About Your Future: The Money Guide You Need Now, Later, and Much Later by Ric Edelman – This book is pretty decent, though slightly bullish on technology and AI. Edelman does spend a brief chapter discussing the flaws of technology. Still, I recommend as a read for those not fully aware of the shift in tech and how it will affect work, investing and your retirement. Almost done listening to this in my car.

Debt by David Graeber – This book is about the history of money, which is really about debt. 5,000 years of goodness.

The Unwinding: A Inner History of the New America by George Packer – Wow – this is one of my favorite books, and it’s pretty new so you might not of heard of it. I highly recommend everyone reads this!

Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty – This is a big book, but worth the investment of time. I started with a hard cover from the library, but moved to audiobook a year later. I hope our leaders read this and implement it’s lessons.

The History of Ancient Times by Susan Wise Bauer

Influence: Mastering Life’s Most Powerful Skill by Great Courses

Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction by Philip Tetlock, Dan Gardner

The Second Machine Age by Erik Brynjolfsson

Conscious Capitalism by John Mackey, Raj Sisodia

Critical Business Skills for Success by Great Courses

Wealth, Poverty and Politics by Thomas Sowell

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