Red Bull Cola Organics Closeout Sale

Well, my friends, it was a good run. It seems like the Coronavirus has claimed another victim – Redbull Cola. Just like the toilet paper shortage, I could sense something was off when I saw my local grocery store, Hannaford’s, was closing out their whole Red Bull Organics section the beers. I went the next…

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Sorry for Trolling

I am sorry for trolling all these years and even currently now. I’ve been trying not to as of late, mostly because the return on the investment of time needed to troll has been rapidly declining over the last decade, as big tech (social media and Microsoft mostly) consolidates the distribution of information and ultimately,…

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People Work Really Hard

I’ve been noticing it lately. A lot of people work really hard. They grind. They hustle. They run around or are glued to their desks. They drive their cars. Consume, produce. I was there. Now I’m here. I want to work hard. I want to produce. I want to drink the juice. Alright, we are…

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