Well, my friends, it was a good run. It seems like the Coronavirus has claimed another victim – Redbull Cola.

Just like the toilet paper shortage, I could sense something was off when I saw my local grocery store, Hannaford’s, was closing out their whole Red Bull Organics section the beers.

I went the next day, almost buying every last can. I should have too!

Stock Up on Redbull Cola

Here I am finally getting around to writing the article what do I see researching online?

Walmart out of stock at $78 a 24-pack.

Amazon out of Redbull Cola, with other varieties at $58 a rack.

So I loaded up my cart at a fraction of that price. I left some because I felt a little greedy, hoping others might finally bite on this premium drink.

My love for Red Bull Cola runs deep, 10 years at least, to a time before mask mandates and when the Redbull Cola had cocaine in it.

Ok, not cocaine, but coca leaf.

I still have 2 cans of the original formula (2010) with US label in my fridge just waiting for the right time to open.

I have the tall cans with coca blat (coca leaf), imported from Austria circa 2016.

This is why I’m the Redbull Cola King.