If you believe that freedom creates opportunity and is the most efficient way to spread wealth, encourage productivity and promote happiness amongst people, then I need your help.  I can also help you.

The first, and easiest way to help is of course read my story and share it. It is unfortunate any time has to be wasted on the mater of my most basic constitutional rights – but this is the reason why our country and the world is in such great turmoil.

Another great way to help is to hire me. It will benefit the both of us. I don’t want any handouts and in most cases will be the best person for the job. Here is what I’ve already done.

Legal Help – If you are a lawyer and wish to offer assistance I have several cases which could be won with the right legal process, and are humanitarian causes that could generate quite a bit of publicity for a young or established lawyer.If you know a layer – get my story to them and let them know you support my cause.