Hi, I’m Robert Tanguay in New Hampshire. The entrepreneur, founder of Emissions Tax and author of the rarely read “Incentives and the Environment” published in 2017. I’ve always been interested in finance, or money, since I was a a young boy, and data (numbers and charts, thoughts and facts). What I care most about, however, are people and the story that data tells. Intuitively, I’ve always had a knack with data and finance. I’m good with money.

Finance and Data Analytics in New Hampshire

I started a Data Analytics and Marketing course on December 5th that will give me highly desired skills in marketing – specifically, certification in Tableau and Salesforce Administration. Combined with my life long sales career, and more than a decade of marketing, will grow New England Marketing and Efficiency, helping small businesses be more efficient either as an employee or contract worker.

Tableau makes some really sick charts and graphs – making visuals out of what some may call boring data. I actually like looking at the Matrix; here are my notes.

I’m also reviewing the data science course that I took, and working more with Python and MySQL. Making predictions and understanding trends in markets and the economy has typically been intuitive to me.

This allows me to program computers to make more precise calculations and explain my findings with handsome charts and graphs. I’m excited.

As for Salesforce Admin, I’ve used it before in a sales role. I can know combine it with my lead generation efforts to run a sales room or provide lead generation in a structured manner for multiple clients.

Financial Blog Writing – Scrub Money

Recently, I’ve been super excited relaunching ScrubMoney – a personal finance blog aimed at educating everyday people to be better with their finances. These financial articles benefit both small businesses and consumers, ranging from:

One of the first, newer articles I wrote for ScrubMoney

I wrote these articles myself, or edited and formatted the articles of Racquel Lynch for taglines, search engine optimization and to fit the style of the project. I also did the artwork, which takes a lot longer than you think…

It’s cool working with someone else as opposed to the loneliness of typical content creation not involving social media. I started this project in 2008 and just kept it on the side, revamping the design in late 2021 with my website production skills.

Working with Racquel has taught me a lot, because not only does she have a technical financial background, she is highly educated. Combined with my distribution and background, I think we can help regular people and the financially disadvantaged have better outcomes. ScrubMoney can fight income inequality and work as a liaison between large corporations and consumers. Make sure you check it out and help it grow.

Tableau Map Showing New Hampshire Has Low Obesity Rates compared with the rest of the country, even in Manchester, NH

Problem Solving Wisdom Gained Over the Years

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been able to understand and appreciate the financial system we currently have – a long way from “How Large Corporations Hurt Small Business” in 2014.

I still stand behind my writing, but realize that is is always improving. With every interaction I have with people, my writing, work experience and life lessons, I get a better understanding of how to communicate with others effectively.

It helps me solve problems more equitably, a skill anyone should aim to learn as soon as possible. Basically, even the rich have good reason to support laws and systems that benefit even the poor.

My main concern is that we (rich and poor, powerful and powerless) don’t communicate with each other nearly enough, and when we do, it is typically not in a meaningful way.

This leads to pain and suffering, or “inefficiency”, hence my company, New England Marketing & Efficiency’s formation in 2017, and EmissionsTax – Lower Income Tax, Price Pollution, Fund Liabilities. Long term goals, my friend.

Financial Marketing and Data Analytics, New England

If you need financial marketing and data analytics in New England, I’d love to help you. I can also help with lead generation and conversion for your sales team. Newsletter and content creation. Sales process and optimization.

My extensive experience in multiple industries (B2B, B2C, manufacturing, construction, labor, job routing, communications, pet care) and passion for the environment – which is extremely hot in finance now is sure to be an asset to your organization. I’m available as a project manager or marketing consultant, and have a network of professionals to help augment your team.

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