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Media Production New Hampshire
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Media Appearances

Small Business Marketing Tips
Here I give small business marketing tips on a podcast and video appearance.

My first podcast appearance on the New Hampshire Business Show for New England Marketing & Efficiency

Media Content

I create media content for projects and industries I work in and am passionate about. This includes small business, finance, labor, manufacturing, environment. I also take photos and video for a very attractive price – Hire a Photographer in Southern New Hampshire

Photo of a construction site in Merrimack, NH 2021 I used on Panel Mason, an Outdoor Construction System for image content that I write Newsletters for.
I also make amazing review videos, complete with free-style voice overs for pet care company, Prixie Pets

Written Content

I like the sounds of writing on a typewriter, don’t you? It helps me be more creative.

I have been writing for over a decade, mostly on personal projects, but also commercial work such as Search Engine Optimization and Sales Copy.

Some of my projects include www.EmissionsTax.org and www.ScrubMoney.com

Recently, I have started writing Opinion and Editorials about society and small business (on Medium). Here is some of my favorite Commercial Work:

Discussing the competitive advantages of Panel Masonry compared to ready to assemble outdoor kitchens.
Looking at the economics of materials prices in construction and small businesses – great long form blog post with research.
Turned a popular Newsletter Email into great blog post content.

How to Grow Your Landscaping BusinessPanelMason

3d Printing Filament Trends: Present & Future 3Devo

Homeless congregate on Elm Street, Manchester Police hands tied Manchester Ink Link

No, A Carbon Tax Won’t Save the Environment EmissionsTax

We Need Kings of Hills, Not a King of the Mountain

Commercials I Have Produced/ Written

SatHookup Commercial

This is the one that started it all..

This first commercial I produced and marketed has received over 120,000 organic views in it’s 3 versions. SatHookup is a TV, Internet, Phone and Electronics Installation Network with over 500 independent installers that I founded. Still operational, we advertise for laborers and have garnered over 25k customers over the years.


I wrote, shot and edited this clever commercial for a prior employer, EcoSource, a regional Commercial Cleaning Company servicing Southern, NH to Boston, MA. This commercial was made to highlight an employee sick cost calculator that I produced, and has garnered over 50,000 views to date. Designed and implemented marketing plan - Google Adwords Certified. Organic and paid search traffic generation.

Low Cost Small Business Commercials

Product Review Videos

My love for RedBull Cola is well know. Here's a review with some of my beats I whipped together in a couple hours
I produce a lot of Pet Care Video Reviews - my favorite is for the Litter Robot

Informational Videos/Press Releases

Social & Legal Issues

EmissionsTax / Incentives and the Environment Book

I wrote a book called "Incentives and the Environment" and have self-published it here. To promote it, I'm working on promotional videos and this is where I'm at currently:

You can also read parts of this groundbreaking and thought provoking book about the environment and economic incentives in parts for free.

Prixie Pets

I love cats and so does my Fiancée, so we started working on Prixie Pets, a Cat and Dog Care Tips website. Along with building the site, I came up with content ideas with Erica, edited that content, devised and executed the marketing efforts, and produced all of the videos on our YouTube channel. We are about to hit 500k views.

PrixiePets.com is an example of a "Social Media Content Marketing Site", one that any brand should have. It is made to be shareable, and in it's best month, received over 80,000 visits.

I can build one of these for your small business or project, and have a network of distribution to help get it off the ground cost effectively. All you have to do is Hire Me.

Music/Sound/Audio Production

Tangeray Music - Piece of Ship

In 2013, I released an instrumental album called "Piece of Ship". I didn't do much promotion, but still I'm proud. I have future plans for an animated movie like the "The Wall" and already have a story board. I also release an occasional beat or throw on one of my video projects - you can see on my Tangeray Music YouTube page. Never give up your dreams. Sometimes, you are just ahead of your time, or aren't in the right position to get your sound to your audience.