Red Bull Cola Organics Closeout Sale

Well, my friends, it was a good run. It seems like the Coronavirus has claimed another victim – Redbull Cola. Just like the toilet paper shortage, I could sense something was off when I saw my local grocery store, Hannaford’s, was closing out their whole Red Bull Organics section the beers. I went the next…

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What Robert Tanguay Worked on in 2019

Content & Creative Writing I didn’t complete a tremendous amount of writing in 2019, but there were some gems I’m proud of. I’ve been starting to write more on Medium, and I recommend you follow me there. Website Production and Online Marketing I’ve been doing some amazing work on PanelMason – from website production to…

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People Work Really Hard

I’ve been noticing it lately. A lot of people work really hard. They grind. They hustle. They run around or are glued to their desks. They drive their cars. Consume, produce. I was there. Now I’m here. I want to work hard. I want to produce. I want to drink the juice. Alright, we are…

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