Geek Stuff – Collectables, Board Games, Records and Video Games

I Collect. I Game. I Geek.

In my defense, it is really cool stuff. In particular, I like old things.

I love the connection to the past – to the people that made them and the ones that used them as well.

When people take care of the things they use, those items age amazingly well. The form a patina, or aura, that can never be replicated.

I love to share these things with people; to use them with them and talk about history.

Yeah – it gets pretty deep

Tabletop Strategy Board Games /Euro-Games

Civilization The Board Game 2002
Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Boardgame 2002 – My personal collection, still haven’t been able to a game together……. Other Versions on Amazon

There is nothing I enjoy more than strategizing – in work and play. I hate games comprised primarily of chance. I don’t gamble, I take calculated risks.
This involves studying patterns and acting within the rules to turn the odds in your favor. You know, basic game theory.
I love it.

Dungeons & Dragons

When I was in junior high, I would always get in trouble for interrupting class.

One time, for a reason I can’t exactly remember, I got an “In-School” suspension. This particular one was in the 6th grade science room closet.

I brought my 2nd Edition Player’s Handbook, in black, for which I no longer have. Banged out my redundant schoolwork and had most of the day to read the players handbook.

True story, I still have a picture I drew (with clowns) from that day when I get into my box of memories…