Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles was incorporated on April 4th, 1854. It is home to over 3.8 million for the most part, amazing people, great weather, palm trees, and dreams.

Robert Tanguay moved to the Los Angeles metropolitan area at the end of August 2005 to pursue film production.

Leaving with over $6,000 he had saved and a ’88 Volkswagon Vanagon, he left with a high school friend and traveled cross country landing at a Woodland Hills, CA Hilton hotel.

After staying a week he had found a job and and a place to live in Northridge, a community of Los Angeles. Getting situated and working two jobs for about a year, Robert applied to the Academy of Art in San Francisco, but was denied sufficient financial aid or loans (from Sallie Mae).

Since the Academy of Art was expensive, and other schools were expensive as well, Robert decided that if he wanted to make film, he needed equipment, thus needed money.

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