Illegal Vehicle Impound

Illegal Impound of Vehicle and Denial of Hearing (necessity of business)

Continued from: Prosecution without competent Court Appointed council

2008 was the beginning of the recession but SatHookup was still growing. HOAs, large companies – FOX Studios were calling me for my personal installation services.  I was actually seeing a return on my investment (equipment, gas, self training)  and received a contract with Monarchy, a local clothing manufacturer , to produce their website. An office of my own was in the works and I was hiring salespeople.

In June of 2008, it all came to a halt with the illegal towing and impounding of my truck by the Los Angeles Police Department for driving with an expired license while I was traveling  from Monarchy to a satellite client‘s house.  They wanted over $1300 and to hold my truck for 30 day as well. I had a restricted license (cost me $250 for 6 months) that had expired by approximately 35 days.

The law clearly states that in the case of an expired or suspended license towing, a vehicle can only be removed “with the immediate arrest “ of individual operating the vehicle, or “if vehicle is involved in a traffic collision…..cause removal of vehicle without the necessity of arrest.” Neither happened, yet my vehicle was towed and impounded.  When I called the next day to request my legal and constitutionally required hearing, I was denied that fundamental right and told to pick up the vehicle in 30 days.

The police department did notify Ford Motor Credit as required by law, which conveniently paid the $1300, picked up the vehicle , and sold it at a private auction for  a $3000 loss in Fontana to another Ford dealership. They later sued me for over $4800, obtained a default judgment without serving me, for which I got overturned. I am currently fighting this case myself, and have reached settlement with recommendation of the Judge overseeing the case.

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