Status June 2010

Current Status at Time of Mailing – June 2010

I spend most of my time in a room, afraid to go out for fear of being wrongfully prosecuted. I ride a bike to get my groceries, which has been run over (and replaced) by someone. My once confident and ambitious nature is now one of  depression and anger.  I’ve had to sell all of my satellite tools to survive long enough to build the new SatHookup, for which I get $10-20 most jobs I obtain. An example is when Hooters of Anaheim came to me for installation. I received $50 for the job, my installer received $2500. I purchased all of my equipment brand new, and had to sell for less than half of what it was worth.

I now have to rely on contractors to do the jobs that I could do myself. Some of these guys do not have professional work vehicles that are well stocked, though many are great installers. I would like attend school to study law, film, or do something better with myself, however I can’t because of the financial burdens caused by the City of Los Angeles.

I do not want your sympathy as I have worked too hard for pity. I believe in fair competition, and have developed a successful business that will create jobs if not handicapped by the city’s illegal practices. Our economy is in shambles not because of the mortgage crisis, but because of the inefficiencies of our government. Why are we hiring more police, yet firing teachers? To keep money flowing through the courtroom? Why am I being harassed for minor infractions, many which I have proved to be untrue, yet find it impossible to get assistance from the police when I need it most? Instead of moving forward, we are running in circles halting the creation of new wealth.

I do believe that there will be a positive outcome to this situation because I know that there are many good people in this world. I have crystalline proof that will expose these injustices. I may be ridiculed and discredited, so it is important that you take the time to examine this letter and contact me if you find anything that is unclear or leaves you doubtful of the truthfulness of it’s contents. You can help me by looking into the matters and demanding accountability from those responsible from those involved. I have original documents and other pieces of evidence should you need to view them and urge you to contact me even if it is only to offer advice/refer me to someone that can help.

There you have it – This last paragraph was customized to the recipient (closing)..