About The Domain Name & Trademark Dispute: Business Name

I got this email today, which happened to make it into my inbox. It seems to warn me of a company, THD Import & Export Co. Ltd, attempting to steal my brand name:

“Dear Manager,

(If you are not the person who is in charge of this, please forward this to your CEO,Thanks)

We are a Network Solutions Service Company which is the Inernet Brand and domain name registration in China. Here we have something to confirm with you. We received a formal application on 11/08/2013. A company named “THD Import & Export Co. Ltd” was applying to register “company name” as its Brand name and the following domain names:





After our initial checking, we found the names were similar to your company’s, so we need to check with you whether “THD Import & Export Co. Ltd” has any relationship with you and whether the registration of the listed domains by “THD Import & Export Co. Ltd” would bring any impact on you. If no impact on you, we will go on with the registration at once. If you have no relationship with that company and the registration would bring some impact on you, please inform us within 10 workdays.Out of the time prescribed we will unconditionally finish the registration for “THD Import & Export Co. Ltd”

Please contact us in time in order that we can handle this issue better.

Best Regards,

Bill Zhou
Auditing Department.
Registration Department Manager

4/F,No.9 XingHui West Street,
JinNiu ChenDu, China
Office: +86 2887662861
Fax: +86 2887783286
Web: http://www.cn-network.com


I get things like this ALL THE TIME,

however, this spam email is quite clever. It looks like a legal notice. Makes you look at it to protect your brand. Further, as you read the email, it tells you to confirm that you own your brand and wish to protect it.

Fortunately for you, you have searched Google to see if the company is real or not. If you hadn’t, you would be put on a marketing list and solicited endlessly to purchase .asia, .cn, .com.cn and .hk domain names to “protect your brand”

DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL SOLICITATIONThe company most likely won’t buy your domain name but may be inclined to register it if they feel you want to “protect your brand name” or even just from the contact.

Anyone brave enough to call them?