Small Business Issues - Robert Tanguay
Small business owner, Robert Tanguay of New England Marketing & Efficiency describes issues small businesses face from large corporations. Photo Credit – Thomas Roy

I recently got invited to a small business round table with Presidential Candidate John Delaney. Seeing this as an opportunity to shed light to the issues that big money corporate interests bury, I wrote the following notes prior to the meeting –

Legal Reform

  • Tech Companies and large corporations use class action waivers and non-competes, idea ownership to manipulate markets and micro-tort customers and vendors.
  • Amazon (Fake Shipping Fraud) is building headquarters in Virginia to lobby Washington
  • Dis-allow class action waivers, limit patents held under company, Tax Google, FB and other tech companies off US revenue. (US searches, US users) Currently, they funnel money to Ireland to avoid paying taxes on profits.

More Opportunity for Small Business

  • Reclassify small business size to under 1 million dollars in revenue annually.
  • Projects, bids, grants to small business only. Typically, large businesses get most jobs. Put out $1000 awards for work like WPA.
  • Government Outsource consulting, marketing and other services. Require publicly traded companies to outsource over acquisitions. They already get a handout – IRA contributions pre-tax.
  • Fidelity just stopped letting me trade OTC stock, cancelling one of my orders, decreasing the liquidity and value of that stock.

Affordable and Liquid Labor

  • Mandatory health insurance, high minimum wages, and mandatory benefits favor large companies that can afford it.
  • Lower taxes (Income, Social Security, Medicare) to increase incentive to work as employee or for self. I recommend an EmissionsTax, as it’s good for the environment too.

Lessen Presidential Powers

#NoPresident – Maybe the President is too powerful?

While I was able to bring up some of these concerns, I feel it’s would be good to share with you.

Do you agree with them? Did I miss anything?