You may be reading this to see what to expect on your first podcast appearance, or you may just be interested in me.

So I finally reached out, got booked and appeared on New Hampshire Business Show. It went great even though I didn’t prepare much. That’s just how I do most things for the first time.

Then I reflect on how it went and how I could improve. This approach has strengths and weaknesses and it’s success depends on your personality.

I could have prepared a little more, and performed better, which I will go into. I find personally, I respond best under pressure and if I worry too much about something, I can’t sleep.

Without good sleep, I can’t perform my best. I used to stay up all night thinking and worrying about the first day of school, and when it came, it went no way how I expected, and I wouldn’t have then energy I usually have.

I decided to trade off overly prepared for full of energy. You may chose the opposite strategy to play to your strengths. I would change my approach in court, where you should remain collected and calm at all times.

When I have good energy, I can give that too others, inspire and influence them. Hear for yourself –


All in all, I think it went pretty well. I’ve been working on my speaking abilities, but there are some “ums” and “ahhhs”.

Here’s the video of my first podcast appearance –

Appearing on video for a interview, you should always be dominant in frame. I was filmed too far away, looking small and weak.