People Work Really Hard

I’ve been noticing it lately. A lot of people work really hard. They grind. They hustle. They run around or are glued to their desks.

They drive their cars. Consume, produce. I was there. Now I’m here.

I want to work hard. I want to produce. I want to drink the juice.

Alright, we are getting a little crazy here.

Just fill the paper, Robert. That is how you show your work. You must create something, especially with everything that you have at your disposal.

It is no good in your mind. It is no good unless others see it. Then, maybe they will feel it.

Maybe then, they will pay you for your work. They will hire you. They will collaborate.

But it doesn’t matter how much work is in your head. It doesn’t matter what is in your head.

When you are old, or perhaps dead. For now it’s time to make your bed/ ——————————————————————————-

I Work Really Hard Producing Content

Kinda experimenting here with my content writing. I need more work. I write long form, search engine optimized words, or can write technically.

The above is creative writing.

I write scripts, commercials, advertisements and essays. I want to work harder. I want to give.
I took the Liberty of Creating
ENVIRONMENTAL CONTENT – EmissionsTax Environmental Policy


Here is some of my other Content

A little low cost video freestyle. I also create commercials.