Complaint Letter

Complaint Letter to the City of Los Angeles

Forward by Robert Tanguay

I  originally wrote this letter and mailed it out to 5 different high profile people including the President Obama, the 2 California Gubernatorial candidates, the Los Angeles District Attorney, and my local congressman as a test mailing. Realizing that the recipients get numerous requests and correspondences (Especially Obama), I figured it may take a while, and also did not want to offend the reader nor come of as arrogant, whiny, or looking for a free ride so I made several drafts shared with those I trusted, old friends, their parents and business associates.

I would like to thank those people above (anonymously for safety) for their honest opinions and support, and for the time to read a long, possibly depressing piece of literature. It is because I did, and still do, respect both their judgment and wisdom.

This complaint letter is a few pages long typed, though I was told repeatedly that every part was necessary, so I sent it in it’s entirety.

I have put it on this site in an organized, easier to find/read internet version so that everyone can realize that the same situations that I am currently dealing with are both unjust but also slowing progress of many hardworking people across America. These inefficiencies and mismanagements are the real causes of the  recession.

I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Dear (Recipient)

My name is Robert Tanguay and I am writing this letter to ask for your help in several injustices I am currently facing:

Prosecution without competent Court Appointed council

Illegal Impoundment of Vehicle and denial of Hearing (necessity of business)

Lack of Police response for actual crimes/Excessive Police Harassment on citations

To provide a brief background; I am 26 years old, and came to California with my life savings 6 years ago without a job or a place to live in an ‘88 Volkswagon Vanagon driven cross country with my high school friend. I came from New Hampshire with dreams to become involved in  fi;m production. Within a week, I found a job for myself and my roommate, and a place to live in Northridge, California.

I am a hard worker and started to do well. In early 2006, after my roommate chose to move home, I decided to open my satellite TV sales and installation company, SatHookup. At that time I had extremely good credit and was able to purchase a brand new truck as a first time buyer with 1.9% financing. 2007 was a good year; I was getting big clients such as Hooters, Vivid Entertainment, Mars, Inc (Food Manufacturer) along with many residential clients from Los Angeles to San Diego. I was meeting the right people to see my dream of making movies come true.

Continue to Part 2: Prosecution without competent Court Appointed council.