Nearing a year ago, the Corona Virus catapulted from a relatively common virus to a mutated form that caused the disease, COVID-19.

I original wrote and published this on Medium (click to follow me) on March 16th, 2020 (click to see original article). I think it’s interesting to look at where we started to the current environment with a new President in office:

It may be a better idea to implement a “protect at risk” strategy over social distancing and disruption.

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If you have limited resources, why not hyper-target?

The world is in some sort of chaos. Stock markets have been getting chopped, countries are shutting down. It is kind of scary.

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Stock up 18% on Friday, down 18% Monday pre-trading. Source: Yahoo Finance
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I’m watching stock futures (bets on the price of stock during trading hours), and they are wiping out the gains on Friday. People are making a ton of money. Most likely, it isn’t us.

Is it the financial geniuses? Day traders? Institutions? Brokers?

Commodities Prices as of the re-publication of this article, January 24th, 2021

Democratic State Governors and City Mayors have responded much more rigorously in lock downs, school closings and other measures in attempt to slow the spread of Covid-19 to reduce the impact of the virus on local medical systems.

I can understand why, and flatten the curve makes sense, but the numbers don’t seem to add up:The average age of death in Italy for Covid-19 is 80 — thats average….The youngest patient to die was 55 and suffering from chronic disease. A 61-year-old doctor who was not known to have…

Hyper Target Testing and Research

Shouldn’t we be implementing a more focused effort on protecting the at-risk population instead of the entire world?

Our limited supply of Covid-19 testing kits are best spent testing the workers, care givers and immediate family of our most at risk.

I’m not a medical professional, but I use the same principals in targeting leads for my marketing company.

Think nursing homes, medical clinics, AARP. Preferential testing and treatment for at risk populations to stop the spread and conserve resources.

The young and healthy that get infected don’t seem to need medical treatment as much as the older people. They could be resting up in bed, or, like most Americans do when they get sick — continue to work.Covid-19 Bologna Virus: The Pollution Caused by Vaccines and HealthcareReduce Pollution or Try to “Save” Every Sick Person

Please Save Us — Remember The Patriot Act, Bank Bailouts

Smart leaders never waste a crisis.

In America, it’s election season. The stock market is long overdue for a “correction”. The impeachment didn’t work. Might as well all get paid.

We all know how popular and effective the Patriot Act was and continues to be an incredible tool for spying on citizens and terrorists alike.

Bank Bailouts in 2008 worked perfectly. They were implemented quickly and allowed the banks to pay bonuses in the millions to the same leaders responsible for the crisis, and also loan money out to individuals and small businesses to stabilize the economy.

Unfortunately, they did everything but lend money out to the common people.

Credit lines were slashed, houses were foreclosed and an entire generations earning potential was greatly reduced.

A President later, and we have already forgotten about the Repeal of Net Neutrality. Now they want us to “Work From Home” while they monitor our web traffic and sell our data(residential and business internet have different rules) using video conferencing that records our likeness to train AI.Actions in Facebook, Social Media, Tech Companies Train Artificial IntelligenceThe Congressional Hearing of Mark Zuckerberg is taking place right now. All the questioning of Facebook’s practices are…

At least there is always Universal Basic Income (UBI) to save the day……UBI, Oh My — Why Universal Basic Income is a Bad IdeaIt sounds great — guaranteed income paid monthly for every adult man or woman. Unfortunately, there are undisclosed…

Oh wait, that helps the tech companies and robot masters too…..

I just want to save the Environment with an Emissions Tax and could use your support.

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