How To Get Rich

How do I get rich?

My whole life has been filled with stories of people telling me that I don’t belong here. That I must work and toil just to earn the right to stay. I never believed it.

I would sit and wonder, much on a night like this, alone (or running somewhere in my mind) why I did not belong. Why must Robert Tanguay work a paper route to buy the clothes to fit in, toys to play with or some other fad while others simply seem to have. Am I a bad person?

I would question anyone that would lend an ear, searching for answers to this question but no one could seem to respond. Maybe I had to work hard at being smart – so I moved to books, consuming knowledge of stocks, business, history, and fish tanks to weapons. Still no solution.

Why do some people never have to work, getting all the riches of the world, only to squander them away on vanity? Why was my hard working mother and I so poor?

If you have to work hard in America to be wealthy, would selling greeting cards door to door at age 9 be considered hard work? How about making leather, or stacking wood at a lumber mill for 10 hours a day? Surely the rich kids aren’t doing that – my reward must be near.

Something is wrong. I am not rich, and neither are the vast majority of American’s that work harder than I. Talk is cheap, yet those with the means to be heard seem only to have abundance.  With this, I can only reach one conclusion – money isn’t real. It can’t be. If it were, the lady in Africa that has to walk 5 miles just  to get enough water to last a day would be laden with cash, and the hedge fund manager would be on the streets. In studying both ends of the spectrum, I have found the answer to becoming rich.

See, the difference between the laborers and the elite are in the resources. Control of these resources determines ability to obtain wealth, and ultimately become rich, gaining more resources, and further ensuring control and your place on top of the “mountain”. It then becomes clear that if you keep those at the bottom from ever getting to the top, you will never have to compete with them, effectively maintaining your wealth with little effort.

So here I am, writing to you, and I have still not explained why I want to be rich. I see the world differently than most – and have proven it to you while writing this article during game six of playoffs, with the Celtics needing a win. It’s not because I don’t enjoy sports, it’s because I believe at the bottom of my soul that they should be playing for me and my friends and family, not the elite watching from above. They’re the ones that told us we don’t belong.

–          Robert Tanguay.