I think about efficiency all the time. Running a labor network with little to no capital, I have to. When designing large, complex systems such as a business or distribution process, even a small savings or removal of unnecessary step mean big gains when scaled. When InstallEco reduces travel time to

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install solar panels at a home or business, it reduces resource usage on multiple levels – sales, install, and maintenance trips. When their neighbors follow suit, savings are multiplied.

I’m in the middle of reading/listening to This Perfect Day by Ira Levin. It is the story of a future society of workers bred and controlled to benefit an all seeing, super efficient corporation called Uni.

Uni controls every aspect of members of the “Family” lives, from diet, work/ profession, sex, sleep and status in life through “treatments” of mind numbing drugs that leave them complacent and satisfied. The members do their research work, and live happy, healthy lives for the most part, with a computer of sorts managing for the most efficient use of resources.

If you’ve ever heard of the Singularity, you would be aware of an all-knowing, god-like mass of data and calculations – end game type stuff. All a little too deep for me to discuss my pre-work day as I type this post. To keep it short, my understanding of that theory is that the world is predictable through mathematics. The question is: Do we have choice or is destiny already set, and what role does efficiency play in that?

The answer is scale and variables.


We are on Earth. In about 5 billion years, the sun is destined to engulf Earth. In only 1 Billion, it is said to increase in temperature 10 percent, making liquid water on Earth an impossibility. The Sun, our star, is large in scale compared to our home planet. Over 1,300,000 times larger mass than Earth’s – how many people would it take to equal it’s mass? My guess is over 8 billion (the current population of just humans)

E=MC2. We’ve all heard that famous equation. How much energy does it take to create an outcome, or “destiny”?

The Sun is a giant ball of mass expelling energy in the form of heat and light constantly throughout the universe. It does this at a rate that can be defined by mathematics and does not have a decision in it’s outcome. Violently burning, energy and matter are in a constant chaotic state, never forming the complex systems known as life.

Earth is much smaller, and far less chaotic, and so, has spawned life. Harbored by an atmosphere and calm pools of liquid water, the experiment of cells competing for resources and forming into increasingly more complex organisms has been going on for billions of years. All this has been done on a fraction of the energy the sun has released into space.


Sticking with the previous examples of the Sun and Earth should make it easy to see the effect of variables on life and business.


Consume energy and produce different outcomes


Experiment in a Non-Violent Environment to achieve the most complex, efficient outcomes..