Content Marketing Websites

Who Needs Good Website Content?

With social networks being a growing consumption point for reading articles, images, video and other content online, advertising budgets are increasingly being spent on social media. For example, these Local marketing courses – are really helpful when it comes to marketing. If you have a product or service – a website that is rich in content and easily sharable will get you impressions, leads, and sales.

Effective Content Marketing Website Design

While proposal writers can help local, small businesses generate a buzz and increase customer loyalty or information sites  generate ad revenue – companies providing products and services nationwide or globally can make their content hit a desired demographic with greater efficiency compared to standard brochure sites.

Having a larger market to share to can give greater value to website visitors as more resources can be put into creating good content, increasing it’s viral spread. In addition, the ability to monetize website traffic is greater when customers can be served over larger areas as opposed to local customer bases. Picture a single restaurant, a nationwide chain (ex. Applebee’s), and a worldwide food distributor (let’s go with Omaha Steaks). While they can all benefit from content on their websites with different strategies, it is easy to see how the nationwide chain and food distributor can get more customers and greater reach through a content marketing site.

Branding and Customer Interaction

By having content circulating on the internet and social networks instead of standard landing pages, you can get your message out there, whether it be “We have a great product” or information regarding issues or projects important to your customers. Website visitors can leave public feedback; a vital communication tool that enhances your brand. Sources of authority can direct this conversation to further their goals or promote new products and services.

Content Marketing Projects:

Social Media Marketing Websites  Prixie Pets

I’m really excited about this project – partly because I love cats, but also because there are a ton of articles on the site from which to promote and analyze.

I shot and produced the video content, edited the articles, built the social media marketing site and have started with marketing with Marketing Heaven.

A site like this works really well to sell products and services by generating lots of traffic, leads, brand awareness and trust. Over time and with consistent, quality content releases – a site like this ( can help build and engage with online communities and social networks, generating organic traffic and conversions.

Get Your Own Content Marketing Site

If you have a product or service and your website doesn’t push out fresh content on a regular basis, I can help. Building a content marketing website from scratch, re-designing your existing site, or creating a separate social media website to drive traffic to your main site is a large project that requires a lot of planning and execution. Comment below with your thoughts or questions, hire me or contact me direct for more info..