Life of a Small Business Family

(This article is under construction. More images and other info will be put up shortly. I’m busy and have work to do and bills to pay 😉 )

Tanguay Entreprenuer Family

It’s been tough financially the last few years for me personally. I’ve had two wonderful kids come into my life.

All new financial responsibilities, demands on my time, sleep schedule and relationships – friends and family.

This isn’t a complaint piece or sob story. It is meant to show whoever looks my name up what I am capable of, whether it is for employment, partnership, or hiring me for content strategy.

Like much of my writing, it is a declaration of power, strengthening my resolve and inspiring others to work with me. Check out this site to find the latest writing tool for your business.

Bullied by Big Business

Verizon took my website that a couple of friends and I worked on for 7 years from us two months before my first child was born.

Got a job, raised the territory sales revenue by 35% (documented). Fired… That small business got acquired a year later for $170 million.

Started re-selling on Amazon, detected massive frauds and scams (yes, multiple), including the Amazon Fake Shipping Scam. I physically sued Amazon. Shook lawyers.

Tremendous resources spent on my part to make the world more fair and equitable.

Recently, the “advice” of what I should do to make money came up with two of my successful entrepreneur friends. While I do appreciate the care, it was not the help I want or need.

I’m an entrepreneur.

Have been since I first started selling greeting cards and stationary door to door at age nine. Not coming from means, it was one of the few ways I believed I had a chance to change my opportunities and get the things I wanted or needed. At the time, it was a used Final Fantasy Nintendo game from a yard sale. Turned into clothes and lunch as a teenager.

Over the last decade plus, I have earned a living writing and organizing information; marketing products and services for others and myself. There were a couple breaks for employment when times got tight, but for the most part, I was on my own. Hustling money and making it happen.

Market Master

I got into online marketing fully when my truck got impounded, putting serious strain on my booming satellite tv business, SatHookup. I already had the SatHookup Labor Network in development and was finishing a deal with a jeans designer producing their websites and blowing out their old inventory. The recession hit. It was 2008 and I was in California – 3,500 miles away from home.

Online Small Businesses

I had several online businesses bringing in a modest income residually. I called it “Video Game Money” – paid rent, food, bills, business expenses. I could play as many video games as I wanted.

But it wasn’t video games that made me happy. I had big goals and dreams. I saw myself as a great person we’ve all read about (check out my reading list). Changing the world for better – a captain of industry, revolutionary leader or notable genius.

I lived low budget. Became a hermit socially. Studied. Worked.

At first I was scared.

I went into court dozens of times, wrote letters. I moved close to the courthouse. Moved back home, near the courthouse, across the street from the State Capital building.

Me in California after riding my bicycle 10 miles in the rain from court, which I didn’t have to appear for but did anyways to be sure not to default.

Long story short – here I am. House, Family, Business, Health. Beautiful woman. Skills and Experiences.

I’ve lived in a foreclosed house as a racial minority. I was homeless on a train. I lived in an office. I fought the system. I raised myself out of poverty. I spent almost a decade improving myself by myself. I don’t have student loan debt. I don’t have a father. I published a book. I created a trademark. I’ve created many.

Now, I’ll take responsibility for not letting the world know what I have done and how I can specifically help them or their business. My writing on this site specifically is pretty sporadic and anti-establishment. I can understand how some people can get scared or write me off as a trouble maker.

As a writer and a leader, this should have been taken care of. Of course, there are a lot of reasons why it has not. I am aware of all my issues, both personal and business.

I know my strengths and weaknesses. I don’t need someone to tell me what I should do without throwing money down themselves. I like to hear myself talk too. All salespeople do.

You have to risk something. I’ve maintained 2 servers for over a decade. Same phone number, even a 1-800 number. Over 10 years paying GoDaddy renewal fees so that I could speak my mind.

I Don’t Need Your Free Advice.

I DO need your respect.

Don’t call me with advice, call me with a project you need help on. Call me with a question; a request for my thoughts on environmental policy (my project EmissionsTax). I’m open for business.

Call me to let me know you read and shared my work. Tell me you love it. Tell me you hate it, but respect what I’m doing. Ask me how to help. Ask me why I’m working on certain projects. Ask me why I won’t just get a job.

I know what I’m doing and what needs to get done to accomplish my goals. Do you have a better way to do it?

You can only help someone in the way they want to be helped, otherwise, it is only helping yourself.