2012 is Here, What Are We Going to Do?

I don’t know about you, but personally, I am sick of this “recession” stuff. I think we all are.

There’s just one problem – the entire country world is divided. And not 50/50, but more like 1/99 (Remember the Occupy Movement?).

Now I’m trying to be optimistic about 2012, but here’s the reality:
Nothing is going to change if we don’t acknowledge our problems and hold accountable those that caused them.

Sounds simple right? Wrong. See the thing with those pesky problem causers is that they’re the ones that control the punishments. Perhaps there will be a time when money in politics will be looked at as the Jim Crow Laws where when they were abolished less than 50 years ago.

The real root of our problems, and I mean all problems ( from health care, gay marriage, poverty, tax, war, national debt) are mater of law and access to it, and man made law is nothing more than matter of opinion. Opinion limits human achievement.

Robert Tanguay Working 2007

Above: TANGUAY on the roof of Marshal Electronics in Los Angeles, CA ; In 2007, while I was beginning to experience unjust prosecution.