Robert Tanguay Family Baby

Content & Creative Writing

I didn’t complete a tremendous amount of writing in 2019, but there were some gems I’m proud of. I’ve been starting to write more on Medium, and I recommend you follow me there.

Website Production and Online Marketing

I’ve been doing some amazing work on PanelMason – from website production to the email marketing campaign that is banging now, generating a lot of leads.

Kids & Fatherhood

Mostly, 2019 was a year of getting acclimated to my expanded family and learning new skills for my career.

Having a child makes you grow as a man. Having two is definitely a stretch on a person’s energy and time. It’s ok.

To make the best of that situation, I updated – a Healthy Mom blog discussing tips for family. I figure I could expand my content network, work with my family, get healthier, and help others too.

Always Be Learning

I’m studying data science and programing. With a background in sales, this is taking my marketing for small businesses to the next level.

It will also help me make cool charts and graphs for my projects.

My environmental work on Emissions Tax has made some progress, but I am still running into the issue of resources to get the plan out there.

I read a few books in 2019, but listened to a ton of audio books. An insane amount. Bored with their lack of depth, I rarely listen to Podcasts anymore.

Do you have any suggestions that aren’t mainstream? Please don’t recommend Planet Money or anything by NPR – that would be too basic.

Shaking Politicians and Catching Rabies

I got to meet with Congressman, failed Presidential Candidate and really smart and overall successful guy, John Delaney. I even got in the paper.

Later in the year, I tried reaching out to the quickly rising Andrew Yang to discuss the Environment (EmissionsTax) and UBI (and how it is bad).

Environmental Policy and My Monologues

I created several videos of myself talking about the environment and environmental policy.

No one watched – However, Emissions Tax has been growing, and I upgraded the look using the skills of my small business marketing company, New England Marketing & Efficiency.

Looking Ahead – 2020 Onward

For this I’m extremely excited. I know what to do and am proceeding. Things always take longer than expected, especially when you aren’t fully armed.

Last year was the year I fully embraced the fact.