Is My Local SEO Company Stealing From Me?

You did it! You finally hired a search engine company to help you get more local website traffic. Good job! Even after months of paying for their service, you still don’t have the results you expected. You want people searching for your goods or services local to your stores or service areas to visit your…

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The Best Plugins for WordPress Websites

Plugins expand the functionality of WordPress websites, which are very basic blogs when first installed. It doesn’t even come with a contact form! There are tens of thousands of plugins to chose from, and though there is an excellent searchable directory of WordPress plugins, it takes experience to know which ones are standard for any…

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Verizon Stole My 7 Year Old Website, Now They’re Taking Your Internet

We’re going to talk about Net Neutrality, Verizon, and Internet Service Providers in general. Then we’re going to discuss how Verizon took my 7 year old website, and how it relates to Net Neutrality and monopolies. Let’s get started. Net Neutrality Net Neutrality in its most basic form is treating all internet traffic equally. Protections…

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